Announcing the Houston Anarchist Book Fair/Film Fest


The Houston Anarchist Book Fair and Film Festival serves to bring radical and alternative literature, education, and culture to Houston, TX, with a focus on resistance and community building. This event is being developed as a vehicle for community organizing, and networking in the southern region of the United States. The book fair will feature a variety of distro’s, infoshops, used and new books, in combination with workshops, skill shares, lectures, speeches, and facilitated open discussions. Through this we hope to create a liberated space, solidarity in the anarchist community and, regional, national and international networking. This event will have a wide array of organizations coming together in building a radical community in the south.

The Houston Anarchist book fair and film festival will take place April 22-24, 2011.


We are looking for:





-Skill shares





If you are a filmmaker, or know someone who is, please feel free to e-mail us as well, and we will add you into the film festival schedule.



We want your input! If you would like to present a workshop or host a skill share, table your distro, play music or if you have resources and would like to volunteer … CONTACT US at


La feria de libros y peliculas anarquistas sirve para traer literatura radical y alternativa, educacion y cultura con un enfoque en resistencia y creando comunidad. Este evento se esta creando como un vehiculo para organizar en la communidad y creando redes de comunicacion en el sur de Estados Unidos. La feria de libro tendra una variedad de distros, infoshops, libros nuevos y usados, en combinacion con talleres, intercambio de habilidades, lecturas, discursos, y facilitando el dialogo abierto. Por medio de esto esperamos crear un espacio libre, solidaridad en la comunidad anarquista, y crear redes regionales, nacionales, e internacionales. A este evento vendra una gran variedad de organizaciones que juntas construiran una comunidad radical en el sur.

El Festival y Feria Anarquista de Libros de Houston se llevara acabo del 22 al 24 de Abril del 2011.







-Intercambio de habilidades





Si eres un@ cinematograf@, o conoces a alguien que lo sea, por favor mandanos un correo electronico y te agregaremos al itinerario


Queremos saber que piensas! Si te gustaria presentar un taller o dirigir un intercambio de abilidades, vender tu mercancia, tocar musica, o si tienes recursos y/o te gustaria voluntarear….COMUNICATE CON NOSOTROS!!!! a



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