Groups Involved

Links for Organizations/infoshops are located on the front page
  • Sedition Books (Houston, TX)
  • Houston Anarchist Black Cross
  • Ak Press (Oakland, CA)
  • Iron Rail Infoshop (New Orleans, LA)
  • Little Black Cart (Berkeley, CA)
  • PM Press (Oakland, CA)
  • Critical Resistance (Houston)
  • Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement (Houston, TX)
  • BETCH (Houston/Austin)
  • Monkey Wrench Books (Austin, TX)
  • Long Haul (Berkeley, CA)
  • Slingshot Collective (Berkeley, CA)
  • ACAB (Houston, TX)
  • Gendermyn (Houston, TX)
  • Houston Food Not Bombs

One response to “Groups Involved

  1. We have confirmed two members to do a workshop on the death penalty in Texas for the Book Fair. Also, we just got a copy of a new film called “They Want to Kill My Father” with the daughter of Jeff Wood, the daughter of Kenneth Foster, Jr., the kids of Robert Garza and the daughter of Hank Skinner, men who are on death row. Well, Kenneth got off but is still in prison. We also the the newest film on Mumia called “Justice on Trial.” If you all are interested in either film or both, let us know.

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