1/13/11-Third Committees Meeting of the HABF

The third committees meeting of the book fair is going to be 1/23/11 at Sedition Books (901 Richmond Ave) at 6pm.

Committees will be giving report-backs on what their specific committees are doing, and this meeting will also be a space where interested folks can plug in to the organizing.


12/17/10- Points Of Unity Added

Houston Anarchist Book Fair and Film Festival Points of Unity:

To allow for autonomy, creativity, and empowerment while building the Houston Anarchist Book Fair and Film Fest we’ve developed points of unity in order to build a framework in which we are organizing. This will help allow individuals or groups to contribute whom may not identify as explicitly Anarchist, but would like to participate in the development of this event. All current and future organizers must agree with these points.

Point one: Anti-Capitalist

We reject capitalism on the basis of the oppression and exploitation of the people living under this economic system. This event is free to all. The only monetary gains from this event will be to individuals tabling who fall under the Points of Unity. These vendors will be part of community organizations that reinvest funds back into their community & projects.

Point two: Anti-Authoritarian

This event will require varying levels of commitment and involvement, all of which are equally important. We would like folks to be involved to the extent in which they are able. In organizing this event, everyone should remain conscious not to replicate societal power structures or dynamics. No one person is more valuable than any other.

Point three: Anti-Oppression

We are instating an Anti-Oppression policy in our organizing and event to affirm and protect the personal autonomy, safety and well being of all who participate in the book fair. As well as, nurture a strong, healthy, reliable, egalitarian and diverse community surrounding the book fair and make the event more accountable to the radical community. With this policy we wish to empower all participants to challenge oppressive behavior and provide them with skills and resources to do so effectively throughout the event. By supporting and promoting anti-oppression principles and practices within and around the event we hope to overcome barriers preventing cooperation and solidarity. We actively combat the legacy of oppression that continues to plague the radical community and our society as a whole.

We define oppressive behavior as any conduct (typically along lines of institutionalized power and privilege) that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms any living being on the basis of ability, activist experience, age, class/income level, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, species, status as a parent or other such factors. Oppressive behavior comes in a wide variety of forms, from seemingly harmless jokes to threats of violence, from interrupting to verbal abuse, from unwanted touching to rape, from hitting to murder. Some forms are more extreme and irreparable than others, but all are unacceptable under the anti-oppression policy.

Point four: Pro-Community

At all times we want to be conscious of our interactions within the community. We want to be supportive and inclusive of the wants and needs of the people we are interacting with.

Point five: Resistance

We are building a culture of resistance, which means supporting our communities and ourselves, fighting where we stand, and struggling for liberation.

Point six: Solidarity

Houston Anarchist Book Fair stands in solidarity with all comrades in resistance and struggling for freedom, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Points of Unity are the core concepts that define our organizing group. All current and future members must agree with these points. This is a living document; which means that this information is meant to serve the group. It can and should be changed as needed if it is not. They may only be changed through a consensus of the active group.


12/14/10- Committees Meeting at Sedition Books (901 Richmond ave, Houston, TX)

Come get involved with book fair organizing. We have committees that y’all can join to get involved in a deeper way with the book fair.

The committees that y’all can join are:


12/10/10 Coming soon….


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  1. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

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